Thursday, February 10, 2011


That's right folks its Monday Night Combat possibly the best multiplayer arcade game ever made.  It's one of my favorite games to play and it really never gets old like cod does eventually.  It shares a lot of similarities between COD and Team Fortress 2 and a little bit of tower defense style gameplay. Any game that only has 4 maps and is entertaining enough to play for hours sounds like a damn pretty good game to me.  You can download this game of of the Xbox Live Marketplace for 1200 Microsoft Points (about $12.50) which is well worth it.  For those that already play this game ill give you the classes I use.

Assault: Gold: Rate of Fire, Silver: Armor, Bronze: Clip Size
Gunner: Armor, Rate of Fire, Accuracy
Sniper: Skill Recovery, Armor, Rate of Fire
Support: The default works like a charm

I don't really play as the Assassin or the the Tank but words to the wise, they are mainly Bot killers.
That was todays post, I'm The Big Solid, and you've just been scooped.

Question of the Day is:
Why are the Assault's eyes always red?     
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Movie Of The Week

This weeks movie is Clerks (1994)
Watched this movie again last night and remembered why I fucking love it.  Every single scene in this movie is hilarious, with topics ranging from fellatio vs. intercourse, to deaths of private contractors working on the death star, to hermaphrodites fucking (no you wont be able to see any of the action you sick freaks, but you can always google it, i know i did). It is in black in white but dont let that scare you away though, 10 minutes into the film you'll be like "I don't even know why we fucking even have color."
So wtf are you waiting for just go download that shit, netflix that shit, or whatever you do to get your shit, then watch the shit out of it.

That was the Movie of the Week, I'm The Big Solid, and you've just been scooped.